Excited for Marvel’s Spider Man 2? Meet Venom’s Insanity

“Be greater. Together.” Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 tagline now makes much more sense than before. After all, it seems like Peter and Miles wouldn’t be able to defeat Venom if they were alone. In the newest advertising trailer, the fight against the monster attracts attention.

Venom will be a huge threat in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Both heroes have had important losses, and their weight will make this confrontation even more enjoyable. At least that’s what the video indicates, showing scenes where Peter mourns the death of May Parker and Miles feels the absence of his father. Check the video below:

As promised by Insomniac Games, Venom from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is considered a kind of anomaly. It’s a monster with no technological focus, very different from the enemies faced by the duo so far. The same effect promises to be caused by the Lizard, which we have already seen in gameplay in the preview. He will not be the only enemy faced by the duo in this game.

Spider-Man 2

As previously seen in the previews, Kraven the Hunter will also be one of the primary antagonists in this game. We will also see the return of Mr.Negative, and of course, Lizard will act as an antagonist while he is out of control.

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Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will launch on October 20 for the PS5 and Sony has been investing a lot on keeping the game on the headlines. The game promises to push the PS5 through its limits with high-quality graphics and ray tracing for all gameplay modes. The game’s map is almost 2 times bigger than the previous one. The New York City will feel alive with many events happening while you web-swing through the skies. We will take control of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in this game. However, we don’t know exactly how this dynamic will be.

We are just a few weeks away from the game’s release, and we expect Sony to keep pushing its marketing campaign.


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