Tim Cook Uses Vision Pro Daily For “Relax Time”

Being a tech enthusiast, I love to try out new gadgets. However, some of them are very expensive. During the Apple WWDC2023 event, Apple unveiled its long-awaited Vision Pro VR headset. Yes, I was one of those with dropped jaws during the event. The Vision Pro has the power of a computer powered by M2, a high-res display, and of course the highly optimized Apple software.

The VR headset is announced to hit the market next year, and for now, some exclusive people like Tim Cook only use the Vision Pro. In a recent talk with CBS News, Tim Cook discussed about the Vision Pro.

tim cook vision pro

He said that he uses Apple Vision Pro “on a regular basis.” For him, the enjoyment time is watching Ted Lasso on the VR headset.

The display is great, but what about the weight?

Undoubtedly, the Vision Pro has some of the best displays in the VR market. Apple says it uses the micro-OLED technology to pack 23 million pixels into two displays. Hence the result is more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye.

tim cook vision pro

Even if the display is top-notch, there is still a concern for weight contribution. The VR headset should be light and the weight should be kept balanced. Unfortunately, the early testers of Apple Vision Pro have complained about the hefty weight.

This is a common complaint among VR headsets. Hence, the companies tend to sell rigid replacement straps with a counterweight to better distribute the weight. Since there is some time before we see Apple Vision Pro, maybe Apple would also bring a top strap for weight control.

For now, Tim Cook is enjoying the Vision Pro and watching his favorite show. I hope the general public can also do it if Apple ever plans to launch an affordable version of the headset.


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