Hidden Truth of macOS Sonoma Game Mode – Is it a Fancy Name for Overclocking?

Lately, Apple seems interested in the gaming sector. The gaming industry is a perennial source of entertainment that will only grow over time. Previously, macOS meant “no gaming.” There were very less games available and AAA games totally ignored the macOS. However, after the transition to Apple Silicon, macOS is giving gaming-friendly vibes. With the new macOS Sonoma, Apple brings Game Mode.

As the name suggests, Game Mode will improve your system performance while playing the game. The Game Mode improves your gaming experience in two ways:

1. Improved CPU and GPU

Hidden Truth of macOS Sonoma Game Mode - Is it a Fancy Name for Overclocking?

Game Mode gives priority to your game while minimizing the power given to background tasks. In easy words, your CPU and GPU are more focused on giving fuel to your game while the background tasks are given less importance.

2. Better Bluetooth connection

This is by far the best thing that Game Mode is capable of. The new macOS mode gives a double Bluetooth sampling rate. With this, the input latency and audio latency will be reduced when using wireless game controllers and AirPods. Ultimately, your Bluetooth experience will be better while gaming.

Personally, I do not like to buy wired headphones anymore. And if you are saying that my AirPods can be used while gaming without delay, it is just fabulous.

Does macOS Sonoma Game Mode overclock the CPU and GPU?

macos sonoma game mode

Unfortunately, no. macOS Sonoma Game Mode does not overclock the CPU and GPU. Instead, it just gives more priority to your game while the other tasks in the background are given lower priority. This can surely improve gaming performance by a bit, but still, this does not count as overclocking.

I would still like to appreciate the new Game Mode. I would say it is still not at the level of Window’s version of game mode but is better than nothing. Especially, the Bluetooth improvement makes the Game Mode quite useful.

How to use Game Mode in macOS Sonoma?

Hidden Truth of macOS Sonoma Game Mode - Is it a Fancy Name for Overclocking?

While playing a game in full screen, a Game Mode menu appears in the menu bar. You can confirm if you want to turn it on or off. Once you exit the game or minimize it, the Game Mode automatically stops.

Supported devices for macOS Sonoma Game Mode

The new Game Mode on macOS Sonoma is only available for the systems using Apple’s Silicon. This means if your Apple device has a M-series chipset, you are good to go. This can be the M1 chip, the M2, and so on.

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