This GPU can run Counter-Strike 2 with 500fps+

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known as one of the most popular FPS games. Its popularity has continued to increase since its release back in 2012. Even today it remains the most-played weekly game on Steam. However, CS: GO due to its age also faced issues, the biggest one probably being the subpar graphics. Hence, Valve decided to launch the new revamped Counter-Strike 2.

This GPU can run Counter-Strike 2 with 500fps+

The new game keeps the DNA from the original game. This means you will get every spice bit of FPS action from the original game with the addition of better graphics. The major change in CS2 is the use of the new Source 2 engine. For the non-techy lads, it just means the game will be more visually pleasing than before.

It will use the new graphics APIs for more responsiveness and better fidelity. The game will be able to generate more realistic textures and materials, dynamic lighting, reflections, and other effects based on physical rendering.

This GPU can run Counter-Strike 2 with 500fps+

Moreover, the maps have been improved and the smoke grenades will interact much better with the environment. Don’t be shocked if the gunshots and explosions seem realistic.

Counter-Strike 2: How many FPS can be achieved on Nvidia GPUs?

That said, one of the questions that was coming into our minds was “How many fps can Counter-Strike 2 hit?” Well, I am one of those tech enthusiasts who uses CS: GO just to test my new PC and the frame rates it provides. Since the CS: GO is quite old, any mid-range system can hit a good range for frame rates. But what about the new game?

Well, Nvidia has broken the silence. The manufacturer claims that the  RTX 4060 can achieve 215fps, RTX 4070 Ti can do over 360 FPS while the RTX 4090 can reach 543fps in 1080p gaming. You can check out the performance of other Nvidia GPUs in the below chart:

Nvidia GPU Counter Strike 2 Benchmark

Another highlight of CS2 is that it uses NVIDIA Reflex. It is a technology that is used to eliminate stuttering by optimizing the render pipeline on the CPU and GPU. This process ultimately reduces latency, and offers a better gaming experience.

That said, Counter-Strike 2 is now available to play on Steam.

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