Top 5 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant – October 2023

Valorant has truly emerged as a global sensation in the FPS gaming industry. Although inspired by CS:GO and Overwatch, Valorant has successfully caught gamers’ attention around the world. Apart from the game concept, one more thing is making this game attractive. This is Valorant’s weapon skins. However, the weapons skins concept is not new in Valorant but has already been implemented by other games for ages. Moreover, Riot Games took this to another level along with ranges of weapons. There are a total of 17 weapons in the game from pistols and snipers to auto rifles. However,  in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Phantom skins. This list will include the latest skin lines as of October 2023.

Please take note before we proceed. The list is based on the audience as well as the author’s personal opinions.

Here are the Top 5 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant – October 2023

11 Best Phantom Skins In Valorant In 2023 (Rare & Cool)


Now, let’s take a look at the Oni Phantom, a Phantom skin that has become quite iconic since it was first introduced. Every aspect of this skin, including its stunning colour options, the sound it makes when fired, and the finishing move, is truly impressive.

The Oni Phantom has three upgrade levels, and each level comes with three colour options. This gun skin not only changes its appearance but also brings new effects when you use it, inspect it, or get a kill. The finishing move with this skin is pretty intense – it involves the enemy getting executed and restrained with katanas.

In addition, the Oni Phantom has some of the best sound effects in the game. The gun fires with a powerful roar and the reload sound is also very satisfying.

Prime 2.0

Following the success of the initial Prime bundle, Riot introduced the Prime 2.0 bundle, which notably featured a Phantom skin. This skin boasts a futuristic design that resembles the original Prime skins, complete with the distinctive reload animation that fans loved. The Prime//2.0 Phantom comes with three upgrade levels, each offering three unique colour options. The futuristic glow of the skin is particularly eye-catching because of the satisfying bullet sounds and the visually impressive lightstick reload. Undoubtedly, it is among the most cited skins in the Valorant community.

Glitchpop 2.0

Another upgraded version of its successful predecessor Glitchpop released in 2022. The gun has unique sound effects that are designed to be both immersive and satisfying. The firing sound is a loud, echoing blast, and the reload sound is a satisfying metallic clank. It has a luxurious gold finish with neon accents. The Glitchpop 2.0 Phantom has three variants that can be unlocked by levelling up the skin. Each variant has a different colour scheme and animated elements. It is a great choice for players who want a unique and stylish weapon skin. The skin is also relatively affordable, making it a good value for money.

Just for your information, the Glitchpop 2.0 Phantom is the most expensive and exclusive skin in the line. So, owning it will definitely give you a sense of pride.


The Ion Phantom is like a Phantom from the future. It looks sleek and simple. Unlike some other skins, it doesn’t have different colors, but it makes up for it with cool special effects that you can unlock. When you shoot it, the sound is satisfying. It has three upgrade levels, and even though it doesn’t change colors, the basic design is good enough to make it one of the best Phantom skins in Valorant. It also has a cool finishing move where the enemy gets trapped in a ball and then disappears.


The Singularity Phantom is like a weapon powered by something called Radianite, and it keeps changing its shape because of it. When you equip it or finish off an opponent, it does some really cool moves. But, some players say that when you’re shooting, the way it changes shape can be distracting. It has three upgrades with three different colors, and many people think the black and purple one is the best. The finisher move is amazing—it creates a black hole that pulls in the enemy. The overall look of the Singularity Phantom is very clean and modern, especially with the space-themed sound effects. So, it’s considered one of the best Phantom skins around.

As per the last few notes, Please note that the popularity of skins can change over time as new collections are introduced, and player preferences evolve. Always check the in-game store or official Valorant channels for the most up-to-date information on skins.

Do skins in Valorant boost your aim?

Valorant Best Phantom Skins: Top 5 Skins as of August 2021

Cut straight to the point, No, skins in Valorant do not boost your aim. Skins are purely cosmetic items that change the appearance of your weapons and have no impact on gameplay mechanics. Your aiming skills and performance in the game are not influenced by the skins you use. Skins are designed to customize the look of your weapons and add a personal touch to your gaming experience, but they don’t provide any advantage in terms of gameplay or aiming ability. However, many players believe that they do, and some players even report that they play better with certain skins than with others.

You can also read Best vandal skins as of 2023 on Mobigaming. Also, whoever is reading, this is the final piece from me. I am obligated if you enjoyed my content so far. See yaa, take care.

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