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Mobigaming is rising for all those lovers of video games around the world. The gaming world has been changing ever since its inception, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. So, to keep you updated with all the transformations, our goal is to bring you fresh news about everything related to games. Are you excited about a new game? You will find news about it here. Are you looking for guidance in mastering a particular game? We will give you that advice. From the hottest industry stories to in-depth reviews, guides, quick tips, and personal strategies, we will cover all the relevant topics you need to keep up with this hot segment.

As the industry continues to evolve, we are here to cover all the news related to consoles, hardware, cloud gaming, and everything that revolves around it. Of course, if you’re into retro gaming, we’re also here to bring you some nostalgic pleasure with our special columns on old-school games and hardware.


Are you a fan of PlayStation? Xbox? Nintendo Switch? Or perhaps you’re a PC gaming enthusiast. We are here to give you tips, hints and all the knowledge you need in every category of the gaming industry. You can even expect news about mobile games. Do you need help to make a decision on a particular game purchase? We will be there to review the game for you and help you make a final decision.

Our team of specialists will stay up all night to review the most important releases, provide in-depth guides for your favorite game regardless of your choice of platform, and create carefully curated lists to help you find the diamonds in the rough. This is your site, so tell us what games you’re playing and we’ll do our best to dig deeper and find out more for you.

At Mobigaming.com we believe that we’re a true techy family of players, so in case you were wondering (and wanted to know more about us), here’s the team that makes the magic happen in the gaming industry. Check it out and learn more about us:


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Nikos Papanikolopoulos – Executive Director

I’ve been playing with my Xbox for the past 20 years. Now I own a PS5 as well. I may not have time to play as much as I used to, but no one can take my Assassin’s Creed trophies away from me.

Marco Lancaster – Editor in Chief

The Video-Games have basically traced the paths in my life. I’ve been playing games and learning with them since the first years of my life. Yeah, no kidding! I won a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 on my second birthday, and that shaped my entire life. I’ve come across multiple consoles and games. I enjoy RPGs, Action, Horror games, Cinematic Adventures, and some battle royales. I’m also a lover of retro games to experience games and consoles that I’ve never had the chance to play.

Huzefa Baloch – Pokémon Trainer – Editor

A Tech Enthusiast and Avid Gamer. In relationship with video games since birth! My inner child loves playing RPGs, especially Pokemon, while the current version of myself enjoys doing aces in Valorant.

Ashish Jha – eSports (Secret) Professional – Editor

Ashish is a passionate writer in the gaming and esports industry, and an Anime geek, fueled by coding, coffee, and late-night game sessions.


Karel Baláč – Admin, Operations

With a vast experience in IT (since 2003), Karel is the guy who makes sure that Mobigaming.com runs smoothly and efficiently in all aspects. Oh, in his free time, he’s a volunteer! :p


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