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Mobigaming is the newest trend in the world of mobile gaming and its mission is to become the primary source of all the relevant news… with no restrictions. We always aim to deliver a full gamut of video game guidance and information, from in-depth to quick tips, from news about upcoming games to professional strategy guides. We believe that all gamers, from casual to hardcore, benefit from high-quality guides to enhance their gaming experience.

about usAll of us here in Mobigaming.com honor the multi-faceted interests of a diverse world of gamers. We know that game enthusiasts, from casual to hardcore, often want guidance. We deliver a broad offering of new game strategy and news and an unrivaled library of original strategy guides. Our core mission will not change —we will always strive to provide the highest-quality content for our loyal fans.

Our expert team will stay up all night for you, trying to review the most important releases, provide in-depth guides for what’s on your phone right now, and create carefully curated lists to help you find the diamonds in the rough. This is your site, so tell us what games you’re playing and we’ll do what we can to dive deeper into it and find out more for you.

In Mobigaming.com we believe that we’re a true techy family, so in case you were wondering (and wanted to know more about us), here’s the team that makes the magic happen in the mobile gaming industry:

Nikos Papanikolopoulos – Editor in Chief

Always on the move, never give up. I’ve learned that I don’t know anything. Have also learned that people will pay for what I know. 😉

Marco Lancaster – Senior Editor

A technology enthusiast and avid gamer in the meantime. I’ve been playing games and learning with them since the first years of my life. I enjoy RPGs, Action, Horror games and some battle royales.

Amit Dua – Editor

Amit is an technology enthusiast who fell in love with the computers since the moment he got his own. Besides writing about mobile gaming, he likes to show off his skill as a guitarist and read books. Currently, he is diving deep into the world of programming.

Huzefa Baloch – Junior Editor

Tech Enthusiast. Gamer. Cyber Security Student. In Relationship With Mobile Phones Since Birth 😉

Karel Baláč – Admin, Operations

With a vast experience IT (since 2003), Karel is the guy who makes sure that Mobigaming.com runs smoothly and efficiently in all aspects. Oh, in his free time he’s a volunteer! :p


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